Companies that overcome the risks of outsourcing their mainframes

Mainframe Outsourcing Consulting - How To Know If Outsourcing Is Right For You

We can help you determine if mainframe outsourcing is right for you. Your mainframe investment and operations are critical to your company’s success in more ways than one. However, managing and maintaining your mainframe comes with a price and risks. Ask yourself:

  • Is your organization prepared for the decline of mainframe skill sets?
  • Do you know how much it would cost to outsource your mainframe?
  • Do you know your mainframe's total cost of ownership?
  • Are you optimizing the value and effectiveness of your mainframe?
  • When was the last time you performed a cost-benefit analysis to evaluate your mainframe’s cost-effectiveness and value?
  • How effectively can your mainframe adapt and respond to change and upgrades?
  • Is your workforce positioned and readily able to adapt to mainframe upgrades, company acquisitions, or turnover?
  • Has your mainframe’s obsolescence strategy been updated…or created?
  • Is it time to migrate your mainframe platform to deliver greater firm-wide efficiency and customer value?

Does Mainframe Outsourcing Make Sense For You?


Mainframe Outsourcing Consulting - Smart Mainframe Solutions For Your Company

Outsourcing your IBM Mainframe environment could be a very profitable move for your organization. Our team of mainframe outsourcing consultants average 27 years of industry experience, and have worked in every segment of the industry. We'll put together a detailed cost-benefit analysis of your mainframe operation, and if you find it to be financially justified, we provide support in selecting outsourcing vendors. Browse our outsourcing case studies and testimonials to learn how we can help your organization run your mainframe more profitably and efficiently, and alleviate problems with staffing, backup and outages. When you're ready to get started, call (404) 351-3382 or contact us via email.